What’s new in HikeMatePro v.4

★★★★HikeMateGPS Mega-Update!!! ★★★★

Here comes Mega-Update of HikeMateGPS for those who enjoy outdoor activities in the world.
Record and Analize of your outdoor activities with ease and fast!! Plus, Social Network Service!
Enjoy your Activities with other friends and have more fun with newly changed HikeMateGPS!!!

HikeMateGPS is
a professional outdoor application for climber and hiker. With cutting edge GPS technology, your activities can be tracked, recorded and shared via all over the world.

- Track and Store Your Activity.
HikeMateGPS stores various information of your activity such as waypoints, routes, distance, elapsed time, consumed-calorie, level and etc,.You will never forget your hiking!!

- Share Your Activity with Others
HikeMateGPS Support ZeroOne mash-up service, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and MMS that helps you to share your activity with ease and fast. Also you can read and recommend activity, and you can add him/her a friend for continuous communication.

- Search Activity in the World
Support map-based and/or keyword search for shared activities in the world or nearby. That will helps you to organize your outdoor activity wherever you go.

- Analyze Your Activity
Support graph view with lap time, level, speed.
Support my page shows total result of activity.
Support monthly, daily graph view

- Map Download
Download maps before you go to hike place where you can’t touch Wi-Fi or 3G.

★HikeMateGPS Features★
- store unlimited number of recording routes and waypoints.
– share outdoor activity via facebook, twitter and e-mail.
– store activity on the ZeroOne-Cloud Service(or ZeroOne server)
– Mash-up service where you can see activity in the form of web-site
– export total data record including total distance, total time and total calorie consumed.
– Support background music box
– Support setting goal and lap-time
– Support live graph view during activity
– Support auto posting of activity and/or my location on twitter and facebook.
– Support profile setting
– Provide map view, graph view and monthly data view of total record
– Record View shows longest distance, longest time and highest level
– Honor and level system based on your record
– Recommendation and report for user activity
– Add friends with Facebook and ZeroOne Mash-up Account
– Notification system for new friend, new activity and new reply
– Measure distance on iphone map
– Access various map type.
– Support map download before you go to hike place where you can’t touch with Wi-Fi or 3G.
– Support map-based and/or keyword-based search for user activity
– Search recent and nearby activity record and most recommended activity record.
– Extended battery life.


What’s New.

✚Changed UI
✚Extended battery life
✚Support Facebook account login
✚Support profile setting
✚Support Live graph view for speed and elevation.
✚Support live view elapsed time and distance.
✚Support a distance, time and calorie goal setup system.
✚Improve map download functionality.
✚Measure distance from point to point on iphone map.
✚Support mash-up data change after you upload(editable)
✚Once you login from any iphone with your account, every data will be there.
✚Every record can be shown on iphone map whenever you want.
✚Support daily and monthly view with every record such as distance, time and elevation.
✚Support follower system with your facebook and zeroone-mashup friends
✚Notification for newly recorded activity from your following
✚You can recommend shared-activity and leave reply.
✚Support Notification system for new reply on my activity.
✚Shows how many people see and recommend activities of mine.
✚Provide honor system and medals by level
✚Support recent, recommended and nearby user activity data searching.
✚More intuitive graph view with Green line, which is moving line.
✚Support Download activities of others
✚Support GPX import
✚Suppot GPX export.
✚Support live announce with location and activity information through Twitter and Facebook.
✚Changed mash-up design on web
✚Do you have Any inquiry? Now you can send it through application.
✚Applied notification system

Available on the App Store